Table 1. Standards
Standard Title Relevance

ISO 3166-1

Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions — Part 1: Country codes

Two digit alphanumeric uppercase country code used for addresses

ISO 4217

Currency codes

3-digit alphanumeric currency code, however only CHF and EUR are permitted

ISO 11649

Core banking - Structured creditor reference to remittance information

Defines the format of the structured creditor reference (SCOR - CREDITOR_REFERENCE)

ISO 13616

International bank account number (IBAN)

Defines the IBAN format

ISO 18004

Automatic identification and data capture techniques - QR Code bar code symbology specification

QR Code standard

ISO 20022

Universal financial industry message scheme

There is a mapping between the Swiss QR Code data structure and the ISO 20022 "Customer Credit Transfer Initiation" message (pain.001)