Release Date: 17.08.2020

  • New Feature: QRIN-75 - QR-bill «DO NOT USE FOR PAYMENT»

  • New Feature: QRIN-76 - Support DIN_LANG output without print margins (cropped)

  • New Feature: QRIN-87 - Arguments File

  • Improvement: QRIN-84 - Version 02xx

  • Improvement: QRIN-86 - Print Country Code if other than CH or LI before postal code

  • Bugfix: QRIN-79 - Enforce AddressLine 2 for Combined Address / AddressLine1 is optional

  • Bugfix: QRIN-85 - CSV Parser error for amounts < CHF 1.00


Release Date: 03.06.2020

Version 2.1 remains backwards-compatible. The function signatures of the Simple API for creating Payment Part & Receipt however needed to be changed. To not break existing bindings, CreatePprV2* functions were added along with the existing ones.

  • New Feature: QRIN-54 - QR Reference Number - Support for Customer ID

  • New Feature: QRIN-56 - Print Margins Option for Boundary Lines

  • New Feature: QRIN-59 - Additional Print Margins

  • New Feature: QRIN-60 - Lazy Logger

  • New Feature: QRIN-61 - Expose Util Functions

  • New Feature: QRIN-63 - Add 600dpi output resolution for rasterized output

  • New Feature: QRIN-66 - ISO-8859-1 Support for Native Exe

  • Improvement: QRIN-50 - Verify if Billing information prefix should be validated

  • Bugfix: QRIN-57 - Whitespaces in Reference Numbers


Release Date: 15.08.2019

Version 2.0 of the QR Invoice Native Solutions brings two major improvements. On one side there are standalone executables available that can be used as an alternative to DLLs. On the other side we dropped SFML which increases portability, especially to windows server machines and at the same time reduces runtime dependencies.

  • New Feature: QRIN-36 - Provide QR Invoice Native Executables

  • New Feature: QRIN-27 - Add Liberation Sans Support

  • Improvement: QRIN-29 - Improve Performance

  • Improvement: QRIN-30 - PDF Generation should not require SFML

  • Bugfix: QRIN-37 - QR Invoice Native Solutions do not properly work on Windows Server Machines


Release Date: 01.04.2019

This is the first build made publicly available. It implements version 2.0 of the Swiss Implementation Guidelines QR-bill as well as the Style Guide QR-bill.