The binaries to create QR Reference Numbers are qrinvoice_qr_reference.exe and qrinvoice_qrreference_console.exe (if you prefer a console application).

Type qrinvoice_qr_reference.exe --help in order to see available options and arguments:

qrinvoice_qr_reference.exe [OPTION...] [optional stdin]
Table 1. Options
Option Description Default Value


Print help

--basepath <value> -a <value>

Base path for all files. If set, all non-absolute paths are resolved relative to this base path

--outputfile <value> -e <value>

Output file name, if not specified output is written into standard output

--customerid <value> -h <value>

A string representing the banks customer id number (if needed)

--reference <value> -i <value>

Any number (like invoice nr)

--loglevel <value> -x <value>



--logfile <value> -y <value>

Log file name, if log should be printed to log file instead of standard output (if no output file is used, log is written to log.txt as default value)

--lazylogfile=<value> -z <value>

If log file should be lazily initialized. If no logging occurs, file is not created in lazy mode.



The input data (*) if not provided by inputfile.


Create QR Reference

QR references can be created without restrictions from numeric input with up to 26 digits, the 27th digit is used as check digit

qrinvoice_qr_reference.exe --reference 127 --outputfile qr_reference.txt

Writes "000000000000000000000001273" to the specified outputfile qr_reference.txt

Create QR Reference with Customer ID

If you still need or want to use the Customer ID

qrinvoice_qr_reference.exe --customerid 123 --reference 127 --outputfile qr_reference.txt

Writes "123000000000000000000001279" to the specified outputfile qr_reference.txt