Welcome to the documentation of the QR Invoice Native Solutions.

The QR Invoice Native Solutions ease the creation and processing of Swiss QR Bills. They respect all QR Bill specification aspects, including data validation as well as the layout style guide. The Swiss QR Bill is introduced as part of the harmonization of Swiss payments.

Try it out on our demo instance on demo.qr-invoice.ch (backed by our REST services) or download our QR Invoice Demo Application (uses the C++ DLL)

Customers can choose between executable binaries and two library variants.

See how to use the Executables.

The Native Libraries come in two flavors:

  • C++ DLL with a versatile API close to the one from the Java Library

  • Simple API DLL, which is C-compatible and designed to be used from a variety of different technologies capable of calling DLLs

Contact Information

In case you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please see https://www.qr-invoice.ch/contact/ for contact information.