Version 2.0 of the QR Invoice Native Solutions brings two major improvements. On one side there are standalone executables available that can be used as an alterantive to DLLs. On the other side we dropped SFML which increases the solutions portability, especially to windows server machines and at the same time reduces runtime dependencies.

  • New Feature: QRIN-36 - Provide QR Invoice Native Executables

  • New Feature: QRIN-27 - Add Liberation Sans Support

  • Improvement: QRIN-29 - Improve Performance

  • Improvement: QRIN-30 - PDF Generation should not require SFML

  • Bugfix: QRIN-37 - QR Invoice Native Solutions do not properly work on Windows Server Machines


This is the first build made publicly available. It implements version 2.0 of the Swiss Implementation Guidelines QR-bill as well as the Style Guide QR-bill.